Softswitch FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gPlex® softswitch?

gPlex® Softswitch is a hosted VoIP switching and billing system. If you are a person/ company, reselling VoIP services or maintaining your own termination, then gPlex® Softswitch is the best billing solution which will not only manage your calls but will also provide your customers with online control panel to manage their accounts.

To get gPlex® softswitch do I need server?

No, The service is fully hosted on our high end servers in USA Datacenter. Please see our facilities. Click Here

How quickly we can get gPlex® softswitch?

gPlex® softswitch can usually be set within an hour in office day.

How do I control gPlex® Softswitch?

gPlex® Softswitch is controlled using the web based control panel and can be accessed online from laptops, desktop computers and Internet enabled cell phones as well.

Which protocol gPlex Softswitch support?

gPlex Softswitch supports SIP protocol.

gPlex® softswitch provide white label?

Yes. You can edit color theme and put your company logo. You also can put other information like: download dialer link and more.

Does gPlex® Softswitch have IVR support?

Yes, gPlex® Softswitch have IVR support with five languages (Bangla, English, Hindi, Arabic and Spanish).

Which codec does gPlex® Softswitch support?

gPlex® Softswitch supports g.729, alaw, ulaw codec.

How many rate plans I can create?

You have freedom to create unlimited rate plans.

Does gPlex® Softswitch provide security token?

Yes, gPlex® Softswitch comes with a security token app which is installed in android phone.

What is the pricing of gPlex® softswitch?

gPlex® Softswitch is charged monthly depending on the capacity of the switch being rented. Capacity is measured in terms of the number of concurrent calls that the switch can process. Please visit our (PRICE) for more information.

How we will get after sales support?

You will get all types of support 24/7. Our NOC team is awake all time. Visit: SUPPORT

Can I get gPlex® DEMO switch?

Yes, you can get gPlex® softswitch for DEMO use. Please visit DEMO Switch

gPlex Softswitch legal matter?

gPlex Softswitch distributed globally through the web without considering telecommunications regulation of any specific country i.e. it is 'country neutral'. Regulations governing telecommunications services may vary from country to country. So it is the responsibility of the users to ensure that they are using gPlex Softswitch in accordance with the existing local telecommunications regulations. Genuity Systems (gPlex Softswitch) authorities are not responsible for the use of softswitch by its clients in countries where it may not be legal to use.