• Reliable, Secured and Robust
    gPlex Softswitch
    gPlex® is a comprehensive and scalable VoIP Softswitch.
    It offers flexible routing and reliable billing.
  • Faster Registration and Call Connects
    gPlex Softswitch
    gPlex® Softswitch compatible all providers Mobile Dialer
    faster registration and call connectivity.
  • Innovative, Robust and Secured
    100% secured and robust technology
  • Economy Packages
    Competitive and cost effective
gPlex® Softswitch for Reliable, Secured and Hassle Free. Get Now

gPlex Softswitch
Get your own customize Softswitch

  • Why gPlex® switch is the Best?

    Custom-designed technologically advanced.

  • Control switch from Mobile

    Total switch work do using your mobile

  • Your Business, Your Brand

    Customize your Own Softswitch

  • Switch Security App

    Protect you switch by security app

gPlex® Softswitch - Facilitating your Voice Business
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Faster registration & call-connectivity
Reliable faster communication
White Label
Branding your own choice
Economy packages
Get switch without investment
Compatible with any Mobile Dialer
Works excellent with most Dialer
Reliable and Secured
Exact real time billing
Protect your Switch
Protect you switch by security app
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